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Hot from the presses, my new vinyl LP called Fluke Audio Part 1 with Don Klassen.
Please click to listen to a track and contact me if you would like a copy!



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Webcast sponsored by Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the Department of Education. This presentation explores the use of procedural poetics... WATCH HERE

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Take a look at the academic courses I have taught over the years. You can dowload a PDF with course descriptions HERE and of course my CV.

Poetic Inquiry

A collection of spam poetry.
"... dust entered the room, your breakfast still warm clung to supper, clasping a..." read more SPOESIA


Kedrick James is a spoken word and multimedia artist, network theorist, teacher and academic researcher. His work applies concepts of procedural poetics and cultural recycling to words, sound and images. He was a classically trained musician who gave up that path to travel the world. He has since settled in Vancouver, Canada where he works as an instructor of language and literacy education focusing on applied linguistics and arts-based research at the University of British Columbia. His most recent accomplishments include producing an award-winning dissertation on the poetics of sustainability, an edited textbook on teaching English language in Canada, and a vinyl record called The Minute Album. Kedrick James is also a dedicated collector and vinyl archivist and sports a collection of over 6,000 records.

As a spoken word artist he has co-written and featured in musical performances with large chamber ensembles, jazz bands, noise and electronic music groups as well performing with sound artists and poets from around the world both in Canada and internationally.

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